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San Pedro Estate!

You have the opprotunity to acquire your portion of land today at the San Pedro Estate, directly after Ido Local Government Headquarters, Ologuneru Road, Ibadan, Oyo State. Please watch the short video. We welcome your swift enquiries. 


Joseph Okeowo


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We profer solution to your property needs. You have access to Land Purchase Agreement, Survey Plan, Deed of Assignment, and Code of Conduct.

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Jumoke Agbaje


Hello, Jumoke here! Good day and thanks very much for your time surfing our
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  • 803-074-6353
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Goddey Iyoha

Site Engineer

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We offer advisory services as well if you own existing structures or buildings owing to the fact that you are likely going to needs areas of maintenance, repairs, or asset management.

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  • 803-346-1101
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